Seeing Perception by Ann O'Hanlon

ISBN: 0-9657015-4-9
96 pages, illustrated with over 40 photos, 7" x 9",
perfect bound paperback,
$19.95. Arctos Press




seeing / perception
looking at the world
through an artist's eye

Essays by Ann O'Hanlon

seeing perception

ann o’hanlon’s writing opens up the world, in all its richness and detail, to artists and non-artists alike.

Seeing / Perception examines the creative process through a continuous exploration of ideas, materials, and images. O'Hanlon's writing is fresh and provocative. In our busy world it makes you slow down, really see what you are looking at, and what you are doing during the process of creating. In her words… "For over forty years I have been learning about the creative spark in people and in myself, first through the job of teaching, then through the privilege of teaching, and then the suspicion dawned on me that I should not be teaching at all, but should be listening, and asking, and exposing, and perhaps nudging, and above all perceiving objectively the works of people and the world of nature."



through doing

perhaps the first reward for the opening consciousness
from a monotype / rubbing / scribble or freely done drawing
is the essential being of each segment
in its own right

that a squiggle may have the same energy
…as a whimsical piece of driftwood
that a dot or splotch may have the same charm
…as a random pebble the eye chances to pick up

Essay by Ann O'Hanlon from "Seeing / Perception."



"This is a wonderful book full of wisdom about the creative process
and a work of art in itself. It will be an invaluable resource for years
to come. A gem."
Susan Griffin, writer and poet

"From Ann and Dick’O and their place I learned, for example, ways of looking that I have not ceased to think about."
Wendell Berry, poet

"…an innovative and exhilarating approach to the elements of creativity …a significant contribution to the literature in the field of art."
Karl Kasten, artist, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

"Ann O’Hanlon’s magical use of words and images explores many meaningful connections between creativity and receptivity in the appreciation of nature and of art."
Joseph L. Henderson, Jungian analyst

"Full and mature expressions of insights in creating art, in teaching and leading self and others in broadening and discovering perceptions through letting go and coming home to consciousness."
Arthur Okamura, artist