A Cat Who Falls…

A poem in 13 parts
20 pages, 5.5" x 5.5",
limited edition.
Price: $20
Illustrations and handmade by Tania Baban, Conflux Press
The book cover incorporates black "fur." (No cats were injured in the making of this book.)




A Cat Who Falls From a Tree Branch Will Always Claim He Meant To

A Cat who fall… book


Cat with One Pearl Earring

Tiny white stud buried in earfur.
Pearl from the pearl fishers.
Pearl from the pearl divers. Pearl of
the mud-caged oyster. Wore it when he
felt dressed up, his black tuxedo glistening
after a tongue bath. He always felt dressed
to the nines, so he always wore his pearl
like don't-mess-with-me- punctuation.

cat drawing

Poem by CB Follett from "A Cat Who Falls…."



Your poems really spoke to me – I like their sinewy strength and the sense of a connection with  the natural world…I found your poems fresh, surprising and overwhelmingly optimistic in a profound way….Frankly your poems make me happy! 
Maia Penfold