Noah's Boat

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NOAH'S BOAT– a Compendium of Beasties Large and Small

At the Turning of the Light book cover



a flash of wings crossing the moon’s
wash of light. What he hears
are the wires of small lives. What
he sees are stars of movement.
The owl lights the night

with his whirr of passage. He flies
through gates of darkness,
withholding even his shadow,
yet the ground below shudders
and voles and rabbits

hunker and wait. Their paths
collide or not. The owl swoops,
talons flexed and shining.
Much depends on each catch.
The owl is a poem gliding,

silent, seeking the unwary,
the momentarily careless. His wings
unfurl like the sails of a boat in storm,
snapping open, held motionless
above the dampening grasses.

Across the meadow, the moon
lays its spill over the land, and the owl
keeps to the shadow-edge.
The moon is not a friend of owl.
The owl returns to the tree,

talons gripping the bark and dinner. He folds
his wings and calls softly into rising morning,
hoo hoo¸ sending his news
out to the neighborhood and listens, listens
for an answer, and she, too, is a poem.




What uncovers the long stretch of wind
that pulses from the western sea
and parts the night into hours and seconds?
Delivered on its long arms
are the moonsongs of Indians
calling ghosts of our ancestors
to gather in a circle of sage and remembrance.
From below, deep in the Earth's navel,
a bell sings its high sweet communion.
Break from your usual byways
and consider the stories of eagle and wolf,
how they surround you with courage,
lift you above the long slopes of the mountains.
Given this, the wind becomes creator and guide.
Sing it your songs, tell it your tales,
add them to the universal tongue.

Poems by CB Follett from "Noah's Boat."



Noah's Boat comes from an award-winning poet who has published numerous collections, has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes for her work, and who provides a gathering of animal-oriented works that will delight readers with an affection for nature.

The term "word artist" comes to mind because, in effect, these free verse productions are paintings of landscapes, animals, and human interactions and observations and provide succinct jewels of imagery and metaphor delicately laced with metaphysical reflection that juxtapose human and animal perspectives, as in a hawk's-eye view of bird watchers in 'Hawk Soaring': "Over at Stinson playing Icarus,/they strap on huge metal frames, harnessed/to their jellied bodies. They launch/themselves in my sky, usurp my thermals…"

From domestic animals (such as cows to bats, bears, frogs and fishes) to beaches and world nature areas, the wide-ranging Noah's Boat captures natural history from a broad range of perspectives and celebrates the labor of moles, the ravages of savage weather and wildness, and the views of the author, who is "one of those artists who recycle/such treasures" (a description poised in the story of a water-laden, rescued jewel of a dragonfly).

Delicate, multifaceted, and filled with powerful contrasts between human and animal perceptions, Noah's Boat offers up an ark of poetic observation for any nature enthusiast who loves powerful nature-oriented poetry.

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review 10/16 issue


CB Follett is a poet who loves and is amazed by creatures large and small. She has a keen eye for observing wild mammals, birds, fish, and bugs. She writes of them with tenderness and with a fierce sense of how fragile our ecosystem is, how much it needs to be revered and protected. Her poems have grace, humor, and a nuanced complexity. Follett wants us, like Noah, to accept responsibility for the world in which we live. Using the spider as a metaphor, she urges us to accept that "we (are) a part of the silk/ that keeps the web afloat." Noah's Boat is superb. Read it!

 – Susan Terris, author of Ghost of Yesterday, New and selected Poems

The wide range and exquisite language of this collection spring from two emotions. There is awe at creatures large and small, from whales and wolves to spiders and yellow jackets. And there is prophetic grief, that blend of sadness and anger impelling us to save this damaged world. As CB Follett's poems forcefully remind us, we must become new Noahs answering the call to take our wild cousins in as family and to save them – and ourselves – from the rising flood.
Robert Aquinas McNally, author of Simply to Know Its Name